Now Who’s The Fool?

Happy April Fool’s Day!

No real jokes here except perhaps on Darcy who was sure he’s get a yes. Ouch.

Who will you be fooling around today?

Me it’s back to the busy Spring Break with the teen twins. Why is there is no spring break for moms? I’d like that.


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3 Responses to Now Who’s The Fool?

  1. I like that idea for you – a Spring Break. Why don’t you inform your family that next week you are on Spring Break. See what their reaction is! : )

  2. Spring Break for Moms…. good idea!! That will happen when the kiddos are back in school! xoxo

  3. deidra says:

    April 1st is my dad’s b-day, so we never really celebrated April Fool’s day. Therefore, I am a poor prankster. I just hold my breath and hope I don’t get fooled.