Room Envy

Sorry to be MIA on so many of my favorite blogs this week but as you know I’m elbow deep in edits and it just has to get done.  Has to.

As I type this I’m in my basement but dreaming of this room. Just look at the wondrous light and those shelves. I could just sleep in the floor when I got tired and be happy.


pic from here

Any type of room you are dreaming about?



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11 Responses to Room Envy

  1. A screened in porch. I grew up in a house with one, and oh, do I miss it now. : )

  2. Debra says:

    …and I would happily paint away in front of the French doors. Still dreaming of the perfect little out-building for a studio.

  3. pve says:

    Yep, dreaming of the plans that are on my dining table – for our up and coming addition. You know my studio will be an open door! It will have book shelves, good light, and plenty of floor space…for dancing, twirling or sleeping!
    Good luck editing. Do you have a “SuperWoman” cape or uniform to connect with your higher powers..?

  4. Maria Geraci says:

    What a gorgeous room! I would add a nice overstuffed sofa, though. The floor looks pretty hard!

  5. The Zhush says:

    Wow! That does look like the perfect room to edit, write, read, really do just about anything!

  6. Kathy says:

    Nice bright white kitchen!love this space too!

  7. Joyce says:

    I would love this room too!! Happy editing and knitting my friend. xo

  8. deidra says:

    That orange stripe on the rug caught my eye! Love that! Good luck on the edits, my writerly friend!

  9. Phyllis says:

    I could live in that room – forever!

  10. pve says:

    did you see Decorno blog posted The End.

  11. Oh I’d love floor to ceiling shelves like that – and French windows opening out into the garden would be nice!