Waiting for my Prince

Oh come on. Am I gonna be the only 40 year old woman on line to see dishy Jake in this movie? I’m sure that’s not true. Fess up now.


I also despite review want to see SATC2. I mean I have to. I just do.  Then there is Eat, Pray, Love where I still can’t remember the best friend/Viola Davis character from the book but yes, I will be seeing that too.

What movies do you want to see this summer?



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4 Responses to Waiting for my Prince

  1. Yeah! I need to see it, too. Plus, I feel the same exact way with SATC2. I’m planning on seeing it with my mom next month. Gah, hope it’s still in the theaters.

  2. Since summer is so fleeting I wait for a good rainy day to see a movie. I too saw the review for SATC2 but still plan to see it.

    I did not enjoy the book EPL so won’t see that one. And I can wait for cable to see the Jake movie.

    I do want to see Babies!!! Waiting for a rainy day…… xoxoxoxo

  3. Maria says:

    My mom’s 76 and describes Jake as “sexy” (not her normal word choice!). You’re not alone, and definitely not the oldest.

  4. Adrienne says:

    The preview for Eat. Pray. Love. looked really good. And James Franco? Um, yes please. I’m debating if I should read the book first. (And SATC is a must-see despite the reviews).