Come on Eileen… and Steve

What’s Jack up to?  I don’t want to say it too loud but Jack has been pretty good these past few days. All sweet and snugly and not too demanding and toddlerish. Of course not that I’ve said it on ye old blog he will totally show out today. Watch out for the fireworks folks.

Thanks to all who commented on the Lifted giveaway from yesterday. There is still time to enter today. So please go to yesterday’s post and leave a comment to enter to win a copy of Wendy’s book Lifted.

In honor of my birthday week I thought I’d post things that I like very much. Now I’m sure I posted this song before but hey it’s my blog so I’ll do what I like and post it again. My favorite 80’s tune Come on Eileen.

And in honor of all the disappointment over not hearing Steve Jobs say that the new iPhone would be available on Verizon yesterday I posted this song in Twitter. This goes out to all of us left longing…

Have a super day!



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4 Responses to Come on Eileen… and Steve

  1. Kathy says:

    Love eighties music! Awesome…
    So are you getting an iphone for your birthday?
    I want an Iphone as soon as I’m back in USA.

  2. Lecia says:

    Thanks for the music! Happy birthday week. We were just talking about the new iphone…can’t wait to get it. We may upgrade in sept, when our two years are up w/AT&T.

  3. Denise S. says:

    So many great ’80s songs – I don’t know how you can pick just one!

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday!


  4. Wow the 80s!!!
    Hope you’ll have the best B’day Kwana~