Why are you making that noise?

What’s Jack up to? Jack’s up to his usual. Getting into mischief when he can but mostly chilling…a lot. He leads a good life of walking around ruling the house. So I was playing with my phone, trying to get some pics of jack and he was totally ignoring me doing the camera shy thing when I took to doing this low toned long screech to get his attention. This is the look he came over and gave me. I love it. Not quite a wordless Wednesday but from Jack his no words say a lot.




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8 Responses to Why are you making that noise?

  1. I have also found that making a strange and sudden noise or barking at them gets a cute pose going! Jack is adorable as always! Happy Wednesday! Hope it is getting a bit cooler…. xoxo

  2. Kathy says:

    Love it! He is a cutie and that smile!

  3. Oh man, Jack is adorable! Yay for Jack!!

  4. Melina says:

    Wow. I just want to pick him up, hold him close, and kiss the top of his head.

    My dog is not at all camera shy. He poses, which is weird since dogs aren’t supposed to know what a camera is, right? Just checking. . .

  5. kwana says:

    Thanks for the comment. Melina sometimes I just don’t know. LOL.

  6. tamstyles says:

    he is smiling…go jack…i need a dog. everytime i see jack it makes me sad that i didnt get the yorkie i saw a while back.

  7. Maria says:

    I so enjoy your comments and photos about Jack, even more now that our Yorkie passed away. You have a cutie there, and I still think that while knowing that Yorkies are as high maintenance as they are cute!