NaNo Time!

What’s Jack up to? Jack had a good Halloween weekend though he could have done without me embarrassing him with that witches costume. So sorry Jack.

So today starts Nano. National Novel Writing Month. Wish me luck and plenty of words. I sure will need it along with a high does of family support and sanity. If I’m missing from ye old blog at times please forgive me or if I’m not commenting on yours all that much be happy because that means I’m over here writing or at least I’m trying to write.

 And now the Nano Song!!!



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5 Responses to NaNo Time!

  1. All the best Kwana!
    Pour all that creativity!!

  2. T. Anne says:

    Yay NaNo! I hope both our word counts thrive because of it!!!

  3. Lecia says:

    Yay for having a whole month of encouragement! Happy writing!

  4. Christine says:

    Good luck, Kwana!!!
    Cute vid. :)