The Waiting…

Lately, in my house with college apps having been out for a while for the dear twins and us having gotten some good and not good news from different places we are all going a bit nutty around here. We’re still waiting to hear from some top choices for both kids. Still stressed over how it will all play out come September and I won’t get into the stress the DH and I feel over how it will work out financially. I’m just living on it will.

To top it off I have a book out on submission that has been out forever but that’s just how it goes in publishing. No news is no news or just a no and you have to move on. But I still can’t help constantly checking my emails. See I’m not one to compartmentalize and put things in the back of my mind. Everything stays right of front talking up too much space.

All that said I woke up with morning and this song popped into my head. Good for a writer and a high school senior. Enjoy.



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5 Responses to The Waiting…

  1. pve says:

    Yes, the waiting is the hardest part!
    I am leaving it in the big man’s hands…and to destiny. Once on line at the bank, a teller was asking an elderly man to check his account on line and he replied, “I am on line!”
    Have a good day, and keep the faith.

  2. Beth Yarnall says:

    I hear you on this. The waiting can drive you bat guano nuts. I hope the waiting brings you and the twins exciting news soon.

  3. lenore* says:

    patience isn’t my virtue either!
    all the best!!

  4. I imagine college aps for one child would be daunting…times two…eek! I’ll light a candle for you!! :-) And of course, good luck on the book submission, too…patience is not one of my strong suits so I feel for you.

  5. Shannon says:

    *hug* you’ll all make it.