Ouch, Eek and Moving Along…

So this is it. The last week at home and final crunch time for the Dear Twins before heading off to college. With so much to do this week I’m going to take a little blog break so I can concentrate on my lists and check them twice and then once more for good measure.  Of course true to form I started things off right this morning by reaching for the coffee and dropping a can of ginger ale on my foot. Let’s hope it’s not a sign of the week ahead.

But moving on…I’m thinking by the time I’m back here I’ll be all cried out from my double goodbyes but hopefully ready to face Life Part 3. At least Jack will still be here to keep me on my toes.


Have a good one!



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8 Responses to Ouch, Eek and Moving Along…

  1. pve says:

    Good luck this week and beyond! Writing with your toes might prove to be interesting.

  2. Joyce says:

    Take the time to breath and embrace the tears and laughter. Yes, Jack will be there to remind you, that he is still there! :) BIG hugs… xo

  3. Lise Horton says:

    I’m excited for you and the twins, Kwana. I’m watching parents all around me sending their kids off for the first year and wishing I could be doing it too! I loved college and I hope yours do as well. Such a world to explore out there and so much to learn!

  4. kwana says:

    Thanks so much Patricia, Joyce and Lise :-)

  5. Deidra says:

    Cheering you on from Nebraska!

  6. Kathy says:

    Best of luck for your dear twins! I hope they have a great first year.

  7. Clare says:

    Oh what a wonderful time for your twins!! It will be hard to see them go but I grew so much in college. I think my parents were amazed by my transformation. Even if they were sad when I left.

    However, I think my parents ended up embracing the empty nest because they let my sister go to a boarding school she really wanted to attend haha. So maybe you will be like them!

  8. BarbaraG says:

    Sending good wishes to the DT on their exciting journey.