Knitting up some trouble

So me and my knitting group are meeting at my place today. Hope we don’t scare up too much trouble.



Tell me do you have a group that you like to meet with regularly to get into some mischief?

Happy Friday!





image from here. Aren’t they so cute?


6 Responses to Knitting up some trouble

  1. Kathy says:

    Sounds like trouble in a fun way! Have a wonderful time….I wish I had a group to meet up with…stitch and bitch….or something like that.

  2. pve says:

    I really think our group is just as special as those knitted hedge-hogs!

  3. pve says:

    You are the one wearing orange, right?

  4. Joyce says:

    With you and PVE in the group that already spells trouble! In a good way. :) I love those little hedgehogs. Did you make them? Enjoy my friend. BIG hugs… xo

  5. Amber says:

    Those hedgehogs are adorable!

    When I’m in a group I love to meet at food places.

  6. kwana says:

    Thanks for all the comments.

    Kathy I think you should start a group of your own.

    Yes, PVE I’m the orange one. LOL.