Back to the Nest

So this crazy October snow that we got has caused one of my baby birds to return to the nest for the week since her college is in a hard hit area and has been without full power since Saturday. And though it’s lovely to have her back home guess what? I got a little used to my quiet little life at home.

I call it a NaNo Whamo coming at the time when I’m in a writing frenzy and thought I had my writing plan all mapped out. It’s like last year all over again. Surely I’m thought of as a bad mom right now to be like you want to sleep where? Well, be quiet about it why don’t you! Oh and hugs kisses welcome home. Yep, I’m a giver.





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4 Responses to Back to the Nest

  1. pve says:

    We would do anything for our birds, right!
    Now flap and get to writing….

  2. Kathy says:

    It’s amazing how fast we can fall into a routine! Nice to have them home but nice to have the silence too…hope your lil birdies are doing well and have power soon.

  3. Surprising how quickly you get used to the peace and quiet… but glad the Dear Daughter did have a chance to escape your absolutely weird weather!!! xo

  4. annechovie says:

    That is crazy abt your freak weather! Hope your creativity keeps flowing, along with your great Mom juices. Have a lovely weekend. xo