So What You Watching?

I have not written about what I’ve been watching on TV in quite a while. Guess I’m still out of sorts with Oprah leaving and now all my beloved soaps saying goodbye and honestly though I still watch The Housewives I’m not as into then as I used to be. It all just feels blah or maybe it’s just me. I don’t know.
I have to say I am still enjoying Top Chef. That Beverly cracks me up. And I thought I was a crier. Poor hot mess.

I am exciting about the return of Project Runway with the All Stars tonight. Will you be watching?

What have you been watching this season? Please share?



8 Responses to So What You Watching?

  1. pve says:

    I did watch on tv channel 14 last night Ardsley students win the Academic challenge on tv against Irvington.
    ~ I really loved Boardwalk Empire. I miss it so.
    Now I just seem to catch bits of news now and then.
    Tonight I will be at the High School.
    Good I have you to fill me in on tv’s latest stars!

  2. Joyce says:

    OLTL last few days. I have watched it since my airport days. xo

  3. I’m over reality TV. My favorite shows are REVENGE, ONCE UPON A TIME, VAMPIRE DIARIES, and THE GOOD WIFE.

  4. Oh my Oprah’s departure from daytime TV has left my afternoons adrift. She was on Dr. Oz recently and I kept saying over and over “I Miss You Oprah”

    We get the OWN on cable and I have taped (but not yet seen) her interview with Steven Tyler. Did I mention how much I miss Miss Winfrey??

    I too have lost my mojo for the “Real” Housewives series. I barely watch Atlanta but I do enjoy the Beverly Hills bunch.

    What else do I watch? I have been enjoying Suburgatory, Modern Family, and believe it or not Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kris Humphries is a major car wreck. Even Mr. O can see why their marriage lasted even 72 days.

    We also enjoyed very much Walking Dead. Will look forward to catching up with them when the series resumes. xoxo

  5. Kathy says:

    I watched Homeland…Modern Family and those kind of shows. I watched Dr. Phil and he had on the Mob Wives from VH1 looked good I’m tuning in!

  6. Simone says:

    Well, since getting married, I’ve watched more sports than I have in a long time. Right now, it’s the Blazers and Lakers playing. But, I hope to watch Project Runway and of course, Grey’s Anatomy.

  7. Just watched the Steven Tyler interview. Fabulous.

  8. kwana says:

    Thanks for all your comments. I too really love Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones on HBO also Modern Family and I like The Middle and Suburgatory. I think I’m going scripted shows again.