Breaking News! Romance Writer Loses Her Words…

This just in… semi-popular novelist K.M. Jackson is at a loss for words.

In a statement put out by the multi-published tweeter Ms. Jackson stated:

“Oh crap, this seems to happen to me all the time around this time of year. You see come this Sunday on the 7th it will be my 23rd wedding anniversary with the DH and the whole anniversary thing always puts me at a loss for words.

I mean I can spin a tale about some fantasy couple of my dreams, no problem, but when it comes to the real thing that I experience every day I  just get struck dumb and find myself wandering the Hallmark aisle, looking for the world’s longest card. One that can adequately express what I can’t. The ups, downs, joys and frustrations of 23 years with the one I love. And surprise of all surprises (at least to me at times) loves this sometimes very off kilter writer gal back. The words that show the ‘oh my god ‘and the ‘oh my, thank god’ moments that have made this the most amazing and unimaginable 23 years of any life and I can’t believe it’s mine. Words that can express how at a stoplight I still get distracted by the thought of his smile, those eyes, that nose, those… well , I’ll just stop right there. Let’s just say the words, my words, they run together and it’s all a jumbled mess. In the end I just leave with my 2 cards and hope that my little I love you forever signed from my open heart is enough to say it all.”


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5 Responses to Breaking News! Romance Writer Loses Her Words…

  1. lol! I do the same thing! It’s so hard to put into words!!

  2. pve says:

    I wonder how those greeting card people do it….they always seem to find just the right words or jingle. Happy 23rd to you and mr. mcdreamy.

  3. I laughed at this because I’m EXACTLY the same way!!!! You’d think, for a romance writer, I could write my own darned card, eh?

    I also love that you get TWO cards to adequately express everything! :)

  4. Aww…that’s total sweetness! Congrats on 23 years!

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