Local Author-lebrity

So it seems I’m local famous (ok maybe in my own head but let’s go with it for this here post). You see my town’s local paper did a piece on me and Through The Lens and it came out today with a photo and everything! Once I got over the shock of that and my huge head (man it’s large and in color) I conceded that it was pretty cool. I love the headline and the fact the owner of the town’s hardware store ran over to me right away when I was picking up leaf bags to give a nice congrats and say, “hey I know you!” That was really sweet. ‘D’ list here I come!

All the best,


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6 Responses to Local Author-lebrity

  1. BarbaraG says:

    Congratulations. You deserve the star treatment.

  2. pve says:

    Yippee…I just keep saying – “I know her” – now you shall be called my “steamy” friend. We are so proud of you for following your passions and your heart….well, and writing~

  3. Kathy says:

    Congrats! You are going to feel people starring at you all the time now…no more leaving the house without looking your best…unless you wear dark glasses like all celebs do! Have a great weekend!

  4. pve says:

    was that the paparazzi waiting outside your house with cameras….and reporters I just saw?

  5. Ondo Lady says:

    First of all your head is in no way big and you are indeed an A List in my eyes. Nice pic by the way.

  6. Kacey says:

    How awesome, and how thrilled you must be! Good things come to those who write. 😉