6 Candles…and nothin’

Oh my goodness can I blame it on Sandy? No?  If you look for October 25th you’ll see there is no post for that day. Don’t ask me what I was doing or where my head was at, but one thing was sure, it definitely wasn’t where it was supposed to be and that was on Jack. Well, actually it was on Jack because I’m sure I was busy giving him ear drops and eye wipes or whatever we’ve been doing these few weeks,  but in the mix of all that and preparing for Sandy I totally forgot my star dog’s 6th birthday. Gah!

Totally and completely forgot. Jack had a total Molly Ringwald, 16 Candles moment.

I didn’t remember until after visiting the fab Ina in Alaska and the super cool Frau’s blogs and seeing their fantastic birthday tributes to their dogs . It was then that my slow mind got to whirring. I’m so sorry Jack. If only you could read and know how sorry I truly am.

He’s hoping your never given Hanukkah gift saved from last year is a good enough consolation prize.

One that as I finish typing this post, has lasted all of 16 minutes before you ripped it to shreds. Oh well, as the DH says, everyday is a birthday for Jack!


Love and Hugs to you my writing guard dog and daily crack up.



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7 Responses to 6 Candles…and nothin’

  1. Karli says:

    Happy Birthday Jacky poo! I love you! Now you are six, pick up sticks! You bring such joy because you are such a good boy!
    Love and kisses
    Karli and Morty

  2. Joyce says:

    Happy Birthday Jack!! I agree everyday is bday in your world. xo

  3. Kathy says:

    Happy Birthday Jack! Hey don’t feel bad for the first 4 or 5 years we had Sophie’s Bday wrong it wasn’t until she needed a doggie passport to get back into USA did we realize…oops!

    Have a great day…..I hope you have power and are warm and cozy! Enough with this weather!

  4. pve says:

    Blame your tardy self and forgetting Jack’s b-day on the loss of power or our 2nd storm in 2 weeks.
    I think you need to knit Jack a Christmas sweater with lights.

  5. Happy Birthday Jack you cool dude!!!! Love that last pic with his teeth!!!!! Wheeee!!!!!!!

    What a “bad” mommy you are Kwana….. xoxo

  6. annechovie says:

    Aw, happy birthday to adorable Jack!! xo

  7. kwana says:

    Jack thanks you all so much!