A new storm may be coming but I’m so thrilled today that the storm of the election season has passed. I got 2 wonderful late night happy calls from my first time voter twins with tales from the college campuses and the excitement of the moment when the election was called for The President. I so enjoyed hearing the joy and the expectant optimism in both their voices. What an amazing and proud mama feeling.


(flag pic taken fm my local polling place)

Now I feel energized and ready to move forward to finish up the current book I’m working on (book 2 in my Creative Hearts series). Let’s hope I keep the power through this next storm. But no real worries because either way I’m pushing #Forward no matter what.

All the best,



Beautiful First Family image from here and beyond

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3 Responses to Forward…

  1. victoria says:

    I do know how you feel…. This is great news and we are so excited! Here is to four more years of progress!
    It was so nice chatting with you the other day. What a lovely evening! And I am so glad we are back to ‘normal’….power, warmth and internet! YEAH!

  2. they voted while in college, WOW; Impressive! A testament to your being such a great mom :-) A happy day for our country for sure!

  3. Holley Trent says:

    Speaking of “forward,” it’s like the Obama girls are growing up on fast-forward. Who the heck is that grown woman in black and blue?!