Angel’s Arms

Today I woke and like so many others with hope that yesterday was just a bad dream. But no, it happened and that overwhelming feeling of sadness is left to nestle in and find a place in the corner of our hearts where all grief goes.  Then I walked past the little stone plate that I keep hung in my home and have had so many years (see it’s had its share of dings over the years as we have) that I’ve honestly forgotten where I got it but remember I was drawn to it all those years ago when my two angels where just little ones.  It’s an angel holding two small babies safely in her arms.

I can imagine the angel’s arms are overflowing today. Sending hope for healing hearts in Newtown and all over the world today.


Love and Peace,


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3 Responses to Angel’s Arms

  1. Jennifer says:

    Kwana, I have a similar plaque….a terracota circle with the same angel figure. It hangs in our foyer…where I can see it as I take my two girls upstairs to bed every night. Holding them close these past few days

  2. Kathy says:

    So sadden and my heart is aching….glad to have my baby home to hold tight as I’m sure you are also. ((hugs))

  3. kwana says:

    Thanks Jennifer. Funny we have the same image.

    Thanks Kathy. I have 1 home with me the other still has finals so I’m waiting.