Summer Stretch

Last week I got to experience yoga for a cause with my DD and it was wonderful to welcome the summer season by stretching outdoors and such a strange experience for me to feel the heat of the concrete under my back and legs. I don’t think it’s something I’ll forget anytime soon. I will say I woke up sore from all the downward dogs and planks, but by the next day the kinks were gone and I was left with a wonderful sense of relaxation and a reminder to stop and take a moment to appreciate the solid warmth of the ground under my feet.

yoga college

 Wishing you a warm and steady week ahead.


All the best,


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3 Responses to Summer Stretch

  1. I see your Lifescript mat!!! Bright pink and it suits you perfectly! 😉 Hope you had fun with yoga!

  2. pve says:

    So glad you “up and went!” I bet Jack was jealous of all your down dogs.
    Adios, off to Mexico. We must get together…..sooon!

  3. kwana says:

    Have the best time PVE!