Nothing but Blue Skies… Happpy Birthday Nana!

Happy Friday! Do you all have the same Scandal hangover as I do? Whew, I’m about worn out! If you’re a Scandal fan please head on over to Heroes and Heartbreakers to check out my recap and reaction to last night’s show. Just click here and please chime in with your thoughts.

Time for another cold weekend with the forecasters predicting more snow on the way. But I won’t let that bring be down as there is a lot to celebrate this weekend and I’m seeing sunshine and blue skies as I spend the day with one of my very favorite people in all the world.  Please join me in wishing a very happy early birthday to my lovely Nana who will be celebrating on Sunday!

Happy Birthday Nana! We love more than words can say!

nana a


All the best,

KMJ & the gang!

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6 Responses to Nothing but Blue Skies… Happpy Birthday Nana!

  1. kathleen says:

    Happy Birthday to your Nana! She has a beautiful glow on her face that I am sure reflects her soul.
    I too, will be getting a ton of snow, but like you, will not let it get me down. Spring flowers are just around the corner. : )

  2. Bobbi Romans says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA!! Live it large and if ya end up in jail, well heck. I’m sure someone owes you a get a out of jail free card!


  3. Happy birthday, Nana! I see the pride in your smile. Kwana is a very special lady. Love, Deborah

  4. Mary Womack says:

    Happy Birthday Nana…looking good. Hugs n kisses!

  5. Happy Birthday, Nana!

  6. pve says:

    How proud she looks on her birthday! Lots of love to Nana. She is an Icon and soon will be sitting pretty on your porch!