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Happy Birthday Dear DH!

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Thank you all so much for all the kindness and well wishes over my big news yesterday. I was overwhelmed by the incredible outpouring of love.

Please join me today in wishing a very…


Happy Birthday to my Dear DH! 

will collage

Always the hero in my heart.





With love,


25 years and we’re just getting started…

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

To my Lovie,

When they ask me how,

I don’t have the words…

25th anniversary college

All I know is how could I not?

Loving you is the easiest thing I do.

I’m truly blessed and pray to stay that way always.

Thank you for this 25 and here is a pre-thank you for the years to come.



With all my heart… forever,




images fm us… 25th banner fm pinterest


Signed With Love…

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Last night I waited impatiently for my DH to come home while the package sat on the table. It was there and I was going crazy! But still, I waited and waited as I was afraid to open it alone. Who knows it may have jumped out and bit me or something. Better to have a bit of back up. Or I might have fainted dead away and I don’t think Jack is one of those wonder dogs, you know, all inclined to dial 911 when things get sticky. More likely than not, he’d use my body as a handy stepping stool to the table where he’d be that much closer to his treats. But I’m now off course as you all know I’m often to be. Let’s get back to where I was waiting. And waiting.

Then finally he came home, looked at me on the couch and said, “you’re still up?”

“I was waiting to open my package. I think my book is here and I don’t want to open it alone.”

He threw down his bag and said, “well what are you waiting for? Open it,”all the while excitedly going for his camera phone. I frowned, because by then I was looking a hot mess but inside I was grinning.

Then it was open. We were wide eyed. There it is. A book. A bit smaller than I thought for all those words I made up. I shrug. Guess it turns out, I really can edit. The cover is smooth and cool to the touch. I flip through. No pages upside down. All seems good.  We kissed and hugged and laughed. Yay! My name is on the spine. Holla.

But then there is another package to open. You see I ordered my book to see how it would turn out, but as I was doing that my DH was ordering his own copy and now I had my first book that needed an autograph.  And this one was signed with love. So worth the wait.


All the best,



P.S. you can get your smooth paper edition of Through the Lens here. Now in 2 handy dandy versions. Pick your pleasure!

Breaking News! Romance Writer Loses Her Words…

Friday, October 5th, 2012

This just in… semi-popular novelist K.M. Jackson is at a loss for words.

In a statement put out by the multi-published tweeter Ms. Jackson stated:

“Oh crap, this seems to happen to me all the time around this time of year. You see come this Sunday on the 7th it will be my 23rd wedding anniversary with the DH and the whole anniversary thing always puts me at a loss for words.

I mean I can spin a tale about some fantasy couple of my dreams, no problem, but when it comes to the real thing that I experience every day I  just get struck dumb and find myself wandering the Hallmark aisle, looking for the world’s longest card. One that can adequately express what I can’t. The ups, downs, joys and frustrations of 23 years with the one I love. And surprise of all surprises (at least to me at times) loves this sometimes very off kilter writer gal back. The words that show the ‘oh my god ‘and the ‘oh my, thank god’ moments that have made this the most amazing and unimaginable 23 years of any life and I can’t believe it’s mine. Words that can express how at a stoplight I still get distracted by the thought of his smile, those eyes, that nose, those… well , I’ll just stop right there. Let’s just say the words, my words, they run together and it’s all a jumbled mess. In the end I just leave with my 2 cards and hope that my little I love you forever signed from my open heart is enough to say it all.”


All the best,





Monday, April 16th, 2012

The hero of my heart.

Happy Birthday!


Love you forever,



Friday, October 7th, 2011

Happy 22nd Anniversary DH!

22 is such a lovely number.

So much has passed between us  and yet still, so much is left to be read.

11 + 11 full of mystery and possibilities

Lucky for us

2 + 2 adds up to…


Love Forever,



images from here

For the Love- Thank You

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

What’s Jack up to? Well it looks like jack is starting to enjoy the snow. Maybe it’s due to his Old Navy jacket and Cool booties from Ina in Alaska that keep his paws warm. Quite sporty.

Thank you all so much for the love and support yesterday. I’m sore (Freakin’ Ouch!!) from my surgery but trying to be positive. The biopsies went well but I won’t have any results until after Christmas so I’m going to focus on healing and trying to have a low stress and full of love holiday with the DH, DS, DD and the rest of the fam. That is the most important thing. That and being thankful to God for each day.

Speaking of thankful, I can’t thank my caregivers at the Women’s Imaging Center, Ann Marie and the gang and my fab surgeon (another mom on twins) and at the staff at the hospital yesterday enough. Even when they were doing the most awful things with needles in terrible place they were doing it with such gentle care and love that I’m so grateful. These are truly special people and should be applauded.

Thanks to my friends who will not be denied with all their offers of help and support and my knitting circle who will not be stopped. The food is coming along with the love and laughs.

My advice to you all: Get your Mammograms (despite changing guidelines. I’m 40) and do self exams. Take good care of yourself and be your own best advocate.
Thanks again for the love. Sorry for rambling and repeats. Still on high powered pain killers over here.

Much Love,

In A Blink

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Thanks so much for all your well wishes yesterday on my anniversary. You all made the DH and I feel so good.

I have to say it was a lot to live up to this 20th anniversary thing. The day before, heck, weeks before, I had so much anxiety and I think some was due to the upcoming anniversary. How could I be having such a big milestone in my relatively short life?

I did just have my 40th birthday back in June that was enough thanks. I felt with this big milestone of the 20th anniversary and having a 40th birthday and having kids in high school shouldn’t I have all this grown up like crap together? Shouldn’t I be more together and know what I’m doing by now? Shouldn’t my career be in place? Shouldn’t I have this parent thing down? Shouldn’t I at least not have so many freaking bad hair days?!!!

Well, I guess not. Because the milestone came anyway. I woke up next to the DH and said, “well, this is what 20 years looks like.” He smiled, laughed at me and said, “and you said we wouldn’t make it.” The day began.

20 years is not perfect, but it’s not all drama or even a romantic comedy. Nothing is. It’s life full of moments that go by in the blink of an eye.


photo thanks to flickr- Blink of an Eye


Wednesday, October 7th, 2009
Happy 20th Anniversary today to my so dear DH.
As I’m sitting here typing this my heart is beating extra fast and there’s that little flutter in my stomach and the words, well, at least not any witty or coherent words, they just won’t come easily, but the emotion is there so strong as the tears prick at my eyes. This is real life, real emotions, real love. Our love. No made up characters here.
I’m grateful for good times and hard times, the laughter (so much of it) and even the pain. The 20 years of what ifs and most of all of the people we have grown into (parents of twins-yikes!) and are still growing into together.
This is still a journey and I can’t believe it’s been 20 years so fast. You’ve been married to me for now half my life- a really good half let me tell you.
Now let’s say we go for another 20 to see if we can finally get this thing right. The fun is just beginning!

Kwana and DH in Mexico a very long time ago

Love always and forever,

P.S. To all my friends and visitors. Thanks for sharing the love with us today.


Thursday, September 17th, 2009

What’s Jack up to? He is so needing a bath. It’s all rainy so that’s strike #1 against that bath deal. Also I don’t have the energy so that’s strike #2. And as for strike #3 see #2.

I don’t talking about my writing all that much here, well, maybe I do I don’t know where I am on the narcissistic writer scale but today I’m talking… a bit. It’s part of the story.
There are times when life gives you signs to keep pushing forward. A confirmation of sorts.

One of my stories, book, novels whateves that I’m looking to sell is a YA (young adult) in which the heroine takes up gambling in order to save for the college of her dreams and in order to get money for her grandmother’s mounting medical bills when she shows signs of Alzheimer’s.

As a writer (well any type of artist) you put a bit of yourself out there with every submission. And yes. You know it’s all subjective and you keep that in mind but still you can’t help that twist in your gut every time you hit send and with every bit of feedback you get in return. It takes a lot to keep putting yourself out there day after day.

The other day I went to the doctor for a routine visit. Now my doctor has a lot of elderly patients that use his practice. I’m not sure why this is since he’s about 40-ish, but he does. Well, I’m in the waiting room wondering if I’ll get a flu shot, ouch (I did) when an elderly couple comes in along with a younger (about my age) woman. Now the older woman was, this is the only way I can describe it, full of piss and vinegar. She just about cracked me up walking in saying just how I felt about being there.

Lady loudly and not happy: Why do I have to come so far?
Husband: It’s not that far.
Lady: Well too far too me. They should make house calls.
Husband: Nobody makes house calls anymore. You’re not going to find that.
They both sit.
Husband: Well, you don’t have to come back for 3 months.
Lady: I’m not coming back!

I’m thinking I hear ya, Lady.

The younger woman comes up after giving their info to the front desk and stands in front of the couple. She has a gentle way and starts to talk about someone calling the lady.

Lady: He doesn’t have to call me every day!
Husband: Shhh… Please don’t be so loud.
Lady: Don’t Shhh me!
Younger woman: Mom I thought you’d just like to see how he is. He’s doing so well and loves to speak with you.
Lady looking up at the younger women: Now softly: Are you my daughter?

My heart wretches and I start to blink fast. Must keep back the tears.

Younger woman softly and with so much love: Yes, Mom I’m your daughter.

I think of my book and what the granddaughter does to get the overpriced meds for her grandmother to keep her Alzheimer’s at bay. I’m still submitting and tweaking the story. Anything to make it even better. Anything to get it out there. Health care is so important. Love is so vital. Perseverance is life.