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Paperback Writer…

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Talk about a dream come true. In addition to the digital version I’m so happy to announce that Through The Lens is now available in a Paperback edition. To have and to hold! Oh my goodness.


You can order your POD copy on Amazon here.

Thanks so much and please tell a friend.


All the best,


Just a Nugget

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend. Today I’m happy to say that a snippet from THROUGH THE LENS is featured on Denyse Cohen’s site in her Dialogue Nugget Sunday feature. Denyse is another Crimson author and the author of One Hot Wonder which is available now from Crimson Romance. You can head over to her blog here to see more about One Hit Wonder and to read a Nugget from THROUGH THE LENS. Have a great day!





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Happy Dancing over my happy news!

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

So I’m doing the Happy Dance today!

Why you ask? Come on just go along with me and ask… thanks. Well… I’m happy to announce that I just signed a new two book contract with Crimson Romance my publisher for Through The Lens (out September 3rd and available for pre-order now).

Yippee and throws confetti! The next two books will be loose follow ups to Through The Lens in what I’m now calling my Creative Hearts series. These will be all connected books that I’m happy to say can also stand alone since they will be the new love stories of characters that have turned up in the previous books. What fun! So something to look forward to (at least I’m hoping).

I’m so happy to announce this to you, all my bloggy friends. I feel like I’m really, finally on the move now and so glad to be on this journey (did I really just use that word from The Bachelor? Yikes.) with Crimson.

You can pre-order Through The Lens here and don’t forget it will be on sale in ebook form everywhere September 3rd. Look for lots of fun in store on ye old blog next week.

Thanks so much!