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Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

To you always my love…


With all my heart.

dedication 1

And all my spirit.


dedication 3



dedication 2

Happy Birthday!





image fm pinterest

In Time…

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Happy New Week and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Join me in wishing a Happy Birthday to my dear friend, the super talented artist , Patricia from PVE Design.  Happy Birthday Patricia wishing you all the joy in the world!



Today, as with most days, I’m thinking of time and how precious is it. And with Spring just around the corner it’s time for me to use mine wisely and get to making those donuts. Rock with me to this old jam and let’s get to getting together.

Have a good one.


All the best,


Nothing but Blue Skies… Happpy Birthday Nana!

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Happy Friday! Do you all have the same Scandal hangover as I do? Whew, I’m about worn out! If you’re a Scandal fan please head on over to Heroes and Heartbreakers to check out my recap and reaction to last night’s show. Just click here and please chime in with your thoughts.

Time for another cold weekend with the forecasters predicting more snow on the way. But I won’t let that bring be down as there is a lot to celebrate this weekend and I’m seeing sunshine and blue skies as I spend the day with one of my very favorite people in all the world.  Please join me in wishing a very happy early birthday to my lovely Nana who will be celebrating on Sunday!

Happy Birthday Nana! We love more than words can say!

nana a


All the best,

KMJ & the gang!

Ch-ch-ch-Changes… Happy Birthday Dear Twins!

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

So it happened…

 No matter what my feelings or your father’s. No, we couldn’t slow it down or stop time.

The teenage years are done and twenty is here.

Happy 20th Birthday My dear, Our Dearest Twins!


On this day our wish for you is the same as it’s been since the very first. For you both to be full of happiness, and peace, to be safe and live a life full of love and joy. To continue to do your best as you go out in the world and reach for the stars.

All we ask in return is that you cut us some slack and know that, though you’re truly young adults, for as long as we live you’ll be our babies and the two most precious people in the world to us. Continue to make us as proud as we are today.

babies a

Changes… yep, they happen and we can’t change that just like you can’t change our love.


Love forever,

Mom & Dad


P.S. Check out my DD’s (Little Twin B) Next semester Paris Dreams here and wish her luck and she goes on her way!

Sweet Birthday Wishes Ma!

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Wishing the best of birthdays today to my Super Cool Mom today. I’m thinking that though a blue box would be pretty neat gift she just may take a sweet blue cake as a 2nd best substitute.

mom b day

 And look I even included a little funny. Aren’t I the best daughter ev-ah!! (Shhh don’t answer this is public and that wasn’t a question)


Have the best day Ma, I love you!




Me and the Gang


Image fm We heart it.

It’s My Birthday… Holla!!

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Whee!! It’s my Birthday! Time to bound out of bed as quick as these old bones will let me and do a

Happy Dance of thanks for making it to another birthday!

once in american pie, always in american pie. | via Tumblr

Am so grateful for being here amongst so many wonderful friends and family, to have the love of my husband and my children and I’m looking forward to a fantastic year ahead. I’m happy about having my 2nd book released with Seduction’s Canvas. I’m not looking for much by the way of gifts this year, except I’m just asking all my friends to tell as friend about Seduction’s Canvas and Samara and Mark.  As a new author, spreading the word is all I want to do.

abs 2

Besides spreading the word about Seduction, today I’ll be kicking up my heels as I try and pretend all the things I eat for the day are calorie free because they ARE since it’s MY BIRTHDAY!!! Then it’s onto writing my next book. You know me, I never stop plotting.

But no fear,  It’s not all work. Since it’s MY BIRTHDAY I’m going to also dance. Starting with an oldie but a goodie hard rock (just like me) from Neneh Cherry!  Please join me in rocking it out 80′s style! Cause you know, I never progressed all that far past ’89.

All the best,


images from You Tube and We Heart It

Float on, float on… Happy 19th Dear Twins

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Happy 19th Birthday Dear Twins!


Now of course a big part of me wants to just spend today reminiscing and listening to Adele over and over, but  I won’t. Well, maybe just a few melancholy sniffles if you please.

But then I will stop and smell the roses of the past 19 years…

And tell you to eat all the cake both of your heart’s desire…

And really enjoy this…

And most of all… Don’t rush things…

Slow down and make this a wonderful year full of family, love, laughter and joy,

because what I do know is that time is going so fast that right now it does feel like you both are….

Love you forever,


Images thanks to We Heart It all except the last. That would be mine.

6 Candles…and nothin’

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Oh my goodness can I blame it on Sandy? No?  If you look for October 25th you’ll see there is no post for that day. Don’t ask me what I was doing or where my head was at, but one thing was sure, it definitely wasn’t where it was supposed to be and that was on Jack. Well, actually it was on Jack because I’m sure I was busy giving him ear drops and eye wipes or whatever we’ve been doing these few weeks,  but in the mix of all that and preparing for Sandy I totally forgot my star dog’s 6th birthday. Gah!

Totally and completely forgot. Jack had a total Molly Ringwald, 16 Candles moment.

I didn’t remember until after visiting the fab Ina in Alaska and the super cool Frau’s blogs and seeing their fantastic birthday tributes to their dogs . It was then that my slow mind got to whirring. I’m so sorry Jack. If only you could read and know how sorry I truly am.

He’s hoping your never given Hanukkah gift saved from last year is a good enough consolation prize.

One that as I finish typing this post, has lasted all of 16 minutes before you ripped it to shreds. Oh well, as the DH says, everyday is a birthday for Jack!


Love and Hugs to you my writing guard dog and daily crack up.



Pure Imagination…

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Happy Birthday to me! So yesterday I was thinking about how I’m getting up there in the old age department and I started feeling a little bad about it, so I of course, decided to make myself feel worse and hit Google to do a little compare and contrast. Well, I ended up feeling just fine when I discovered that I shared a birthday with the original Mr. Imagination himself, Gene Wilder! Sweet. I’ll let all that downer stuff go (for now at least. I am me.) and say I’m in good company hanging out in my head full of stories of love, lust, mystery, angst and triumph.


Have a very happy day!


Oh and if you’d like to give me a gift please “like” me over here. I’m oh so close. Thanks!




The Healer

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

So I caved. After a week of feeling lousy I could not take the coughing, stuffiness, back pain and then ear pain any longer and made my way to my doctor.

No, it was nowhere near as dramatic as this. Just a sinus infection and an ear infection. I’m sure I’ll be on the mend soon. I just thought the vintage novel pic from ebay was fantastic.

My DH thanks you all for the lovely birthday wishes yesterday. We had a nice time with just the two of us. Going to our favorite spot at the end of City Island and enjoying baskets of shrimps, scallops and fries right by the sea.

Turns out the warm temperatures in New York brought out the party in everyone else too and the place was as packed as you’d find it on a warm Saturday night in July. Booty shorts and all. Side bar: Some are not ready. Just sayin’

We capped off the evening with a red velvet cupcake that my husband had to practically fight Jack for. Jack saw the candle and swore my bad singing was for him I guess. All in all a very nice night.





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